Rantaravintola Kaisa, Vanajavesi

À la Carte


Season Salad (m,g)

Crispy lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pickled carrots and cucumber, marinated red onion and vinaigrette dressing.

6,00 €

Escargots, Garlig & Blue Cheese (l)

Escargots roasted in garlic and thyme butter and country style bread.

8,50 €

Crayfish & Cream (l)

Creamy soup of noble crayfish consomme served with country style bread.

9,00 €

Salmon And Lingonberry (m)

Ice-salted salmon, lingonberry mayonnaise and mixed herbs salad.

11,00 €


European Whitefish & Cream (l)

Fish soup with dill seasoning and country style bread..

17,00 €

Carrot & Chickpea (m,g)

Ginger spiced carrots, cocoa-chickpea curry, seasoned rice and oat cream fraiche.

17,00 €

European Whitefish & Chanterelle (l,g)

Stirred European whitefish, creamy chanterelle sauce and vegetable roast.

28,00 €

Chicken & Cocoa Curry (m,g)

Local farm pullet breast, cocoa curry and herb seasoned rice.

22,00 €

Ox- Burger And Country Fries (l)

Mince beef steak, cheddar cheese, curry mayonnaise, ruccola, marinated red onion and tomatoes in Heikki’s brioche bun.

17,50 €

Lamb & Carlig (l,g)

Timjam seasoned lamb chops, beetroot gravy, creamy carlig potatoe casserole and broil beetroot vedges.

28,00 €

Tenderloin & Apple (l,g)

Finn Angus tenderloin, calvados sauce, roasted vegetables and potatoe vedges.

36,00 €


Bucket Rooster (l)

Deep-fried chicken fillets, fries, crispy lettuce, carrot sticks and curry mayonnaise.

12,00 €

Peninsula Sandwich (l)

Grilled levan bread filled with BBQ flavoured pulled pork.

9,00 €


Cranberry & Oat (l)

Cranberry-rolled oats bake served with vanilla ice cream.

8,50 €

Carrot & Chocolate (l,g)

Chef’s chocolate gataeu. oven apple compote, white chocolate mousse and caramel dressing.

8,50 €

Apple & Vanilla & Chocolate (l,g)

Luscious carrot cake, carrot choutney and white chocolate mousse.

8,50 €