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Petäys Lakeland Resort

Would you like to book a room or a holiday of your dreams? Do you need more information on our activities or help in planning your festive occasion? Call us and we will talk more. You can also challenge the ingenuity and skillfulness of our staff by filling in the contact form.


Petäyksentie 35
14620 Tyrväntö
+358 3 673 301

[email protected]
VAT: FI09702519

Sales office

[email protected]
+358 3 673 310

Due to the pandemic our opening hours vary according to orders

Opening hours:

Reception Wendesday-Thursday 9 am -9 pm,

Restaurant Järvi

Wendesday-Thursday 3 pm-8 pm. Please check current open hours from our reception:  +358 3 673 301 or [email protected]


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