Hotel Saunas

Hotel guests may use the saunas on request!

Saunas are also available for outside customers.

Outside the opening hours, you can book the saunas and the Sauna Lounge for private events. Hotel saunas have two sides, each of which is equipped with

  • Sauna room and shower 
  • Dressing rooms and toilet 
  • Towels

The saunas fit six people at a time / side, larger groups should to take turns bathing.

You can also book the Sauna Lounge, or a sauna package. In addition, you can order sauna menus and drinks to Sauna Lounge, or a wood-heated hot tub outside.

Towels are included in the price. The dressing rooms have hair dryers. Separate price list for Sundays and holidays.

Ask for the offer of the day!

Petäys The Lakeland Resort Photo: Laura Vanzo


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