Lakeside saunas

Lakeside Saunas Saunotar and Lämmönkäinen

Come and enjoy our lovely saunas, swim in the lake and admire the peace and quiet of the nature. The lakeside saunas are relaxing for both body and mind.

Our saunas are popular among groups, so we recommend you make reservations well in advance.

There are two sides at the lakeside saunas; Saunotar and Lämmönkäinen. Both have the same equipment:

  • Sauna room and showers 
  • Dressing rooms and toilet
  • Jacuzzi
  • Terrace and pier

The lakeside saunas comfortably fit 10 – 15 people / side at a time, a larger group should take turns in taking a sauna. Don’t forget to book the wood-heated hot tub on the beach!

You can have sauna menus and drinks delivered to the dressing rooms.

Visit Tampere Petäys Resort Petays The Lakeland Resort. Photo: Laura Vanzo


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